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Unisex hairstyle MOD of The Sims3.
This hairstyle modeled by Annie Leonhardt from “Attack on Titan”.

Please Download from my website :D

Lovely on Male too~

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Sorry for the low quality pictures, I lost my HQ mod somewhere on my desktop *facepalm* So my simblrween gift decided to be stupid at the last min so I’ll have to fix it later. Until then enjoy these baby hairs. These are an SL conversion orignially by-Likeli-’s which you can find here.These are found in the blush section and have 2 Channels(Only for YA/A Female). They aren’t noticeable at first but just look for some side burns and those are it. The last picture is a scalp i found in my blush section. I believe it is from a singed sim and it helps to fill the gaps between the hairs but it isn’t recolorable. Ummm…well that’s about it. Enjoy these for your simmies I’m pretty sure you’ll find better use of them then I did lol. Happy Simblrween :)

DropBox |1 |2 |3

FInd Pt.2 Here

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» DOWNLOAD THEM HERE :D « ( Mediafire | .package file | 61kb )

My Simblreen gift! Wish I could have done more but I’ve been too busy :c

Found where I had worked on these poses a while back and thought I’d finish them up in time for a simblreen gift for you guys ♥

Poselist compatible! Hope you find some use for them :D

Decided to make my ‘treat’ poses public today ♥ Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Ever since I got Into The Future, the loading screen has made me think of this hexagon-sci-fi shirt I saw once.  So, I simulated it.  Also, a robit kill-all-humans shirt from the same site because robits.

Just a simple pair of shirts for the guys with three control channels.  Base game compatible.  

Mesh and textures by EA, graphic designs from Glarkware, all manipulated by me.  Compressorized and etc.


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- N7 Hoodie from Mass Effect 3 -

Custom mesh converted by Cnih.

  • Only for YA/A Female
  • limited recolourable abilities (highly recommended to keep black)
  • the converting process made the textures less HQ so beware

**** download me @ ****


*please contact me if you want to do edit or change the mesh*


Sonyume - XNALara Model

MaybeRachel - her tutorial and constant guidance

Simlicious - answering all my questions (she even made a new UV map that may be used for a future version of this hoodie)

Everlasting-Garden - another person that answered meshing questions, suggestions and gave guidance.

BringMeVictory - not only did she answer questions, but she made this finish product possible by fixing the specular and improving the mesh.

Bioware - Orginal source of mesh

reference pics x x

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Download here

Guys I updated the scarf cause it wasn’t looking right in game! Please re-download and sorry for the inconveniences!

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"NetFace" (costume makeup), by LuxySims3.


I hope you like it :), I wanted to do something original!

Omg beautiful>.

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So I’m uploading this a little early because I’m really keen to release these! I’ve been working on them for quite a few weeks now, and hopefully I’ve removed all the little bugs and problems! 

Download the poses here !! 


These poses are not pose list compatible because I’m still too dumb to figure out how to do that (even though I’ve read like 14329 tutorials)… Anyway! The pictures with pose codes are included in the file, along with a text file that includes the pose codes as well. I think that’s everything… Enjoy!!! <3333

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My Halloween gift for you all: The Grim Reaper Costume!

It is a set of three pieces: The robe, the face mask and the scythe as an accessory.


  • custom meshes
  • proper morphs, bones and LODs
  • EAxis match textures
  • custom thumbnails
  • fully recolorable
  • for (young) adult males
  • categories: everyday, formal, career; all items are not random
  • the scythe accessory is categorized as an earring
  • sims3pack and package versions included
  • created with T$R Workshop

TOU: Please do not reupload this set or parts of it anywhere! Please notify me if you want to use my meshes for your own projects. You may include this outfit with a sim but please give credit/link back to this post!

Download Grim Reaper Costume Set

Holy crap I just saw this now. THIS IS AWESOME


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Something I’ve been working on the past few days for you guys. Just my way of saying thank you for all of the comments, likes, reblogs and follows. ♥ You are all awesome and I appreciate every single one of you. That’s why I fee like a total butt that I can’t follow everyone, but if I had all 5300 of you on my dash, I wouldn’t ever see anything :(

So Anywho I made this pack, because toddlers like to play on slides and seesaws too! All of it is pose list compatible but I have included pose codes in text as well as visually for convenience. Only two of the four sets are shown here.

Bug hugs to all and please know Berry loves ya!

Download here~

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